Things To Do In Orange County CA.


Not sure what to do when you get there? We have come up with a list of Things To Do In Orange County CA. We hope you find these helpful. For more info on Orange County Visit Here. 

1. Check Out The Hobbit.
Bilbo Baggins of Orange County has been around since 1972. Here you can enjoy Champagne and other amazing drinks only found in this fabulous wine cellar. After some drinks, you can then enjoy some food at our tables that sit in a very small house. Or you can talk a walk along the patio. The chef’s are available for one-on-one conversations during the break. After having a conversation with the chef’s, entrees and desserts may be enjoyed.
2. Enjoy A Ride On The Balboa Ferry At The Fun Zone.
Enjoy rides? Then why not have a ferry ride across the harbor? If not, then consider spending some time at our Fun Zone where you can have fun on our skee-ball slopes. Whilst you are doing this great activity, it is worth having a taste of our delicious hand-dipped frozen banana.
3. Hire A Duffy Boat.
Duffy Boats can be hired for as little as two hundred dollars for a couple of hours. But wait, they are also available for half price if you purchase a Living Social Groupon discount. On these boats you can stock up the fantastic coolers, bring plenty of snacks as you ride along the water. These boats will get you to Balboa Island and other locations around the amazing Newport Harbor. As you are taking yourselves to these locations, you will see some amazing homes along the waterfront. The once John Wayne’s flora-framed manse can also be seen.
4. Pay A Visit To Fashion Island.
Fashion Island is a great place if you wish to view the intriguing Christmas Tree that sits on it. Here you can take a photograph of yourself and your family in front of the tree. It has been said that it takes a good couple of weeks to get this tree decorated. There really is nothing quite like it.
5. Have A Day Out At The Newport Beach Film Festival.
Have a love of films? Then do consider coming to this interesting festival. Here you will find roughly four hundred selections of indie flick films that you are likely to never see anywhere else in the future. You can be sure that there will be some films you will have never heard of. All of these are well worth a watch. One film that we guarantee is still there is the Paul Haggis’ Messy Crash film.
6. Richard Nixon Birthplace and Presidential Library.
Nixon was born at a house located in Yorba Linda. At the age of 61, Tricky resigned and left the White House in a helicopter. This famous helicopter now sits right next to this house. A great place to visit if you are interested in learning more about his legacy.
These are just a handful of the many Things To Do In Orange County CA. Why not add some of them to your bucket list so that you are not scratching your head when you arrive to this fabulous place. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised at how good these places really are.