Pinkham & Associates Divorce and Family Law Attorney Testimonials

The following testimonials either came directly from our clients, or off cards and letters that we have received from the clients. We are very proud of our reputation. Contact us at 1-949-226-6917  for a free consultation and we’ll do our best to help you.

My wife and I have two children. One wanted to live with her, one with me. We argued almost every day…in fact, every time we talked. It was bad. We have children, so we had child support issues, spousal support issues, tons of personal property and a house that was questionably separate property. In the end, Doug was able to get my wife and I together enough to agree on both property and financial issues. Today, we share joint custody of 2 happy girls. I would recommend him to my family and I have already recommended him to friends.

Michael F.

Doug is an attorney that really looks out for his client’s welfare. He let me know up front that if opposing counsel & my wife could agree, the divorce would be simple, quick and less costly. I realized this was true because after she finally agreed to discuss the issues, we came to an agreement on all the issues. In the meantime, her attorney was not as truthful as Doug, and he tried to persuade her to fight me. I later found out Doug was correct. We finished without using all of my money on account, and Doug returned all my unused attorney fees in trust, just as he said he would. In the beginning I was leery of divorce attorneys, as I have never had any dealings with attorneys before. Later, I realized what a good attorney should do for their client, and Doug did exactly that for me. I would refer Doug to any of my friends and family that might find themselves going through the same kind of thing I went through, amazing. Keep doing what you’re doing because you are great at it. Thank you Doug for everything

Larry C.

Dear Mr. Pinkham, I have worked in customer service for 25 years. I supervise commercial and industrial representatives and I coach my representatives that in the business world, only good customer service often isn’t good enough anymore. Customers and clients are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the merely sufficient. That makes extraordinary service necessary, not just desirable and anything less in intolerable. When I think of extraordinary customer service, I think of you, Mr. Pinkham.

I remember when I first called you; I was upset about getting divorced. You took time to listen to me. I always tell my representatives to listen to your customer because they will always give you clues about how to provide good customer service. You spent an hour with me listening patiently and explaining in detail page by page of the divorce papers I received from my wife. I was amazed because I called four other divorce lawyers in the area and they all spent a maximum of 15 minutes explaining very basic information only. They all sounded disconnected with me and advised me to come in. I was very turned off by their service and I was about to give up when I came upon your website. I’m so glad I called you.

You spending an hour with me without charging me a fee, which is unheard of in this day and age when everyone’s wanting to get every penny in their greedy hands, but you, Mr. Pinkham, are rare breed. I grew up on my own since I was fifteen and I’m fortunate to have a life. Whenever, I’m in need of help, I always believe my father, who passed away when I was six, is my guardian who sends angels to help me get through whatever hardship I face. You are the angel who helped me through this chapter of my life and give me hope that there are still good people out there.

Thank you so much for your extraordinary service and I know where to turn should my family, colleagues or I need a lawyer again. I can call everyone that they will get extraordinary service from you too.

You ROCK!!! Mr. Pinkham!!! Have a great day!!!

Chi T.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for the counseling, direction and ease of my divorce. I went into the divorce thinking there is no way mediation would work for us. I thought we had too many issues that we would never agree on. Boy, I was both right but wrong at the same time. The issues I thought were the most difficult issues, Doug made us both see that they weren’t really unworkable issues at all. Any time my husband and I tried to maneuver it our way you went right back to the law. You counseled we needed it, almost like therapy and re-focused us when we needed it. Divorce is never easy but Doug was always direct and straight forward in his approach with us. I hope I never see you in this capacity again LOL, but I will tell my friends and family about you (which I already have started doing) and your web site was right on. No hidden fees, the time line was perfect and the ease of the whole process was amazing. Thank you Doug for everything.

Theresa V.

Big shout out to Pinkham and Associates and especially Doug who fought for the best interest of my daughter and got me full custody. This firms dedication, hard work, and expertise was exactly what I was looking for. They walked me through the process and the level of comfort they provided to my peace of mind made this experience more pleasant than it could have been. I would and do highly recommend this firm. And the best part has been that since my order was put in place in December 2012 I have still been able to call and get FREE legal advice regarding my case. Thanks again everyone at Pinkham and Associates.

Nick L.

My case was beyond an extremely difficult case and an absolute nightmare. Nobody would believe the things we had to deal with in this case. Physical and mental abuse, restraining orders, hidden assets, threats, fraud, multiple opposing attorneys, etc. After trying multiple times to sit down and negotiate a settlement, Doug was forced to set our case for trial. We were forced to take a very aggressive approach, along with keeping me grounded along the way. Doug pulls no punches and handled difficult issues quickly and efficiently. And one of the most important factors was that he always took my calls. In the end, he ended my case well before I could have imagined.

Barbara A.

Many thanks! I know we both appreciate your assistance in what would normally be a difficult situation. It’s definitely nice to have someone make the process seem somehow more bearable. If I have anyone in need of your services, I’ll be sure to send them on to you

Dave G.

I would like to thank you again for everything you did. It is nice to know there are still people who care.

Sherry T.

Doug was extremely knowledgeable, well-organized and cost-efficient. He made the divorce process as simple and painless as possible. I highly recommend him without reservation.

Stephanie H.

Our divorce started off rough. We were fighting, if we were talking at all. A friend referred us to Doug, and I am happy they did. Together with Doug, our entire mediated divorce cost less than I paid my first attorney for his initial retainer. I would absolutely recommend Doug to any couple that wants to get divorced, but not spend $50,000 doing it.

David T.