Best Restaurants In Orange County CA

Orange County is home to some of the best eateries in America. It has a diverse restaurant scene that can satisfy food lovers of all types. From upscale Italian savored candlelight dinners, to award winning fish tacos served counter style on the beach; the following are some of the best restaurants in Orange County today.

Best Restaurants In Orange County CA

Kang Hodong Baekjeong

Over the years, Orange County’s Korean District has been expanding. This was made even more evident when Kang Hodong Baekjeong opened a branch to satisfy the needs of homesick Korean-Americans who don’t wish to drive all the way to K-Town in Los Angeles. Kang Hodong Baekjeong has a grill that is a bit smaller than usual and encircled by compartments filled with corn cheese, hot kimchi, slow cooking eggs, onions and peppers. All these make for a tasteful serving.

Pizzeria Ortica

Pizzeria Ortica is located just around corner from Segerstrom Center. Most diners at this restaurant will tell you there is no better pizza to be found elsewhere. The salame picante, DOP margherita pizza, and rapini are just some of the delicious pizzas on offer. If you prefer homemade, there is the pappardelle and tagliatelle pastas that are beyond amazing, particularly when served with Sangiovese or Friuliano from the restaurants comprehensive wine list.

Break of Dawn

Break of Dawn is Dee Nguyen’s Laguna Hills breakfast and brunch spot. Over the years, it has won various accolades for its remarkable food. This has meant more patrons, particularly after it moved from one side of the Oakbrook Village Shopping Center to the other.


This is one of the more unique restaurants in Orange County. It has a fun bar at the front with various compliments such as a large flat screen TV, a list for wines, and several beers on tap. Despite all these, the heart of the restaurant is on patio out back. Here, you will find a brick pizza oven competing for space with several tables, all of which are enclosed by a wall planters filled with vegetables used in the kitchen.

There is a happy hour menu that consists of the restaurants most popular, large-sized servings. However, regular priced dinners can also be shared depending on your group; they often taste better when divvied up.

Another unique thing about Restauration is that on any given night, you could find yourself sitting beside a group of elderly divas adorned in sunhats, or celebrity drummer Josh Frees and most of his entourage, it’s all about luck.

Aleppo’s Kitchen

This is a Syrian restaurant located in an area dominated by Lebanese cuisine. It offers delights such as Khash Khash, which is a plate of sizzling aromatic beef kebabs served with a big bed of rice, grilled onions, and toasted pita slices. The restaurant is also quite popular across Southern California due to the fact that it has the largest variety of kibbe, which are fried meatballs skewered. Aleppo’s Kitchen also features a beautiful mural of the Citadel in Aleppo. In addition, you cannot find a better dining experience in Little Arabia than at this restaurant.

The restaurants named above serve as a clear indication of just how diverse Orange County is. Most, if not all, of the food cultures from all over the world are represented.